Consultancy for Craft Breweries

by Jan Paul


Yeast Management

  • Lager Yeast
  • Non-alcoholic Yeast
  • Wild Yeast
  • Ale Yeast

Microscopy & Microbiology

  • Hands-on Staff Training, Microscope supplied
  • On-site Problem Solving
  • Choice of suitable Equipment
  • Independance from external Laboratories

Green Technologies

Coordination of Brewery Projects

  • Network of Consultants and Engineering Partners
  • Equipment Providers for any Budget


Since 2006 I have been lecturing at the Scandinavian School of Brewing and the University of Copenhagen. In 2014 I started doing consultancy for breweries as a side business, but since September 2023 I am fully committed – so far in Indonesia, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Germany and Denmark.


About Jan Paul

Jan Paul
Craft Brewery Consultant

47 years old
Brewing Engineer, Weihenstephan Germany
Raised bilingually in the Danish Minority of Germany
Based on Bornholm in Denmark
2005-2023: Brewmaster at Svaneke Bryghus, Denmark
Since 2006: Lecturer at the Scandinavian School of Brewing and the University of Copenhagen
Jan Paul, Brewery Consultant based in Denmark (photographer: Martin Thaulow)
© Photo by Martin Thaulow

Jan Paul at Svaneke Bryghus

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Jan Paul

JP Brewing Consulting International

Kirkebyvej 19
DK-3751 Østermarie
Jan Paul in Plzen, JP Brewing Consulting International

Jan Paul (right), Plzeň

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